Why us?

1. We produce films for commercial cinema release. We know how to produce the highest quality content for the most demanding audiences.

2. We bring that same expertise to every project we undertake, offering competitively priced packages for film projects of all shapes and sizes.

3. We hand-pick the most talented professionals from the UK film industry to work on your film, managed by our in-house team of creative directors.

4. Our creative team understand stories and can help you develop the right story to get your message across.

5. Our sister company, Young Film Academy, works with 7500 young people aged 6-19 each year. If your project if youth-focused, we bring unrivalled experience of working with young people to achieve the best showcase for your company, product or project.

6. We work in over 100 schools. We understand schools.

7. We've been based in Fitzroy Square, London W1, since 2004. We like to talk. Come and see us...